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25% done with The Way We Live Now

I love how nobody has any money yet lives like they do. Everything is on credit or they have gambling IOU’s or are caught up in some investment scheme. And nobody works at all, or if they do something, it’s poorly done. This is, so far, the major distinction between the people he was writing about and people today: today people work all day long yet still don’t have any money (though that’s because they spent it all)

13% done with The Way We Live Now

Trollope must be the least indulgent writer I’ve yet come across. He writes straightforward and with absolutely no adornment. Not that he’s bad, it’s just a very economical and conservative style. And it helps because though the plot isn’t overly complicated, there is a lot going on relationship wise to keep track of.

This must have been the soap opera of its day. I do enjoy it.

4% done with The Way We Live Now

It speaks to the skill of the writer that even after over a hundred years we’re still able to quite clearly “get” what he’s poking fun at. Here is an upper-middle class society with ungrateful and entitled children and silly balls and late night gambling and all of it is fake and pointless. Nobody is trying to really live, they just try to keep up appearances.

Great start to the book.