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Marianne Moore: Poetry

She starts by saying what A lot of us believe about poetry: that it’s “fiddle”, unimportant and not useful at first glance. But then we get the images of hands grasping and hair rising-action words that tell us this fiddle is trying to get our Attention. It grabs our physical senses-works its way inside us.

Derivative is an interesting word to use here because it can mean it imitates in that it’s not original. Our interpretations should be original, we should find ourselves in the poem. And by seeing ourselves. in the poem we can understand it, make it our own. That can eventually lead to a greater empathy with others in that we understand their “uniqueness-

the animal images are interesting because animals are not capable of poetry, we, however, can impose poets on them.we create the poet of things not inherently poetic. she takes this deeper she compares these things without inherent poetry to a critic and A statistician, boring, logical and unpoetic. Not that they aren’t important, however, but it is not poetry.